Timm McLean

With the right risk, comes reward. That’s why Timm McLean would rather stretch his finances to buy the $1 million home that will appreciate by 40% in two years, versus the more reasonable priced house that will take 10-plus years for the same return.

It’s this entrepreneurial mindset that Timm brings to WLTH and why he launched the financial advisory firm in 2018. After eight years in the industry, he realized that few financial advisors talked about his portfolio the way he wanted to utilize it. Instead of an instrument to slowly grow wealth, it’s often a tool in launching new businesses, a tactic to pursue new ideas and a resource for adjusting one’s lifestyle. Viewing a portfolio like this takes a mindset unique to entrepreneurs. When building new businesses, wealth accumulation isn’t a linear force, like other financial firms want you to believe. Instead, you need someone that can provide you with financial strategies so you can invest in your growing company and enjoy your life. Other financial maneuvers can restrict the returns that a successful business can provide. WLTH wants to make sure your portfolio serves your purpose and offers flexibility to meet your changing needs.

Timm fights for entrepreneurs on a daily basis because he knows no other lifestyle. By the time Timm had earned his MBA, he had already built a thriving clothing store with multiple locations across Ontario during the height of the financial crisis. While owning and managing the stores, he leapt into finance, in order to help other business owners accomplish their goals and continue to do the things they enjoy most. It’s with this background that he decided to open the doors of WLTH, combining his entrepreneurial perspective with his financial planning knowledge.

In his spare time, Timm also continues to pursue his hockey career, playing professionally in Germany as a forward. It’s a dream that he accomplished, after becoming financially secure in his early 20s, and one that he continues to enjoy to this day.

Now he wants to help you fulfill your dreams by providing you with different tools, strategies or new ways of thinking about your finances and lifestyle, in an effort to improve your ROI (return on investment) and ROL (return on lifestyle). It’s not about chasing a 7% annualized return rate over a lifetime. Instead, it’s about maximizing your ideas and business strategies today, so you can try to realize a multiple far higher than what some index fund may provide.

You can find more of Timm’s thoughts on his blog, or by following him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

By Timm McLean, MBA |